Nathaniel Peirce

Drummer / Engineer / Producer

30 Perkins Street

Amesbury, MA 01913



      My career objective is to sculpt my musical voice until it is in demand and highly desirable in the music industry. I will achieve this goal by creating uniquely beautiful works throughout my Berklee career and young adulthood. My continued study in the field of Music Production and Engineering will expand my knowledge of audio technologies and production techniques. I will use this knowledge to refine my musical voice, bringing it to the forefront of the music industry.




Berklee College of Music 2014 - 2016 (Class of 2018)

Music Production and Engineering Major

Studied drum performance with:


Billy Kilson (2016)

Yoron Israel (2016)

Bertram Lehmann (2015)
Terri Lyne Carrington (2015)

Kenwood Dennard (2014 - 2015)

Les Harris Jr. (2006 - 2008, 2014)

Bryan Savoy (2008 - 2012)


Attended Salem State University Jazz and Recording Camp under the direction of Tom Palance,

Les Harris Jr. and Chris Klaxton during July of 2011, 2012, 2013.



Discography of Works


RiceCrackers - Five Golden Rings Single - February 2016



OUT - Oms LP - November 2015

Co-Writer/Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer


RiceCrackers - Kolohe Kid EP - June 2015

Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Electric Acid Jazz Circus - The Adventures of Billy Wisemen LP - April 2015



Goolagoon - PatrickViolence EP - March 2015

Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Geoff Doubleday - How It Starts - October 2015



Tino Valpa - Tino Valpa LP - September 2014

Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Ill Murray - Death Therapy - July 2014

Co-Writer/Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer


Merrimac Hat Company - Merrimac Hat Company - May 2014

Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Crystal Methodist - Crystal Methodist - March 2014

Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Dinner for Tuesday - Dinner for Tuesday - February 2014

Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Red Tape - Division - February 2013

Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer


Red Tape - Red Tape - September 2012

Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer



Employment History


Berklee College of Music, Boston MA (July 2015)
Worked as teacher/counselor for Day Sessions: Young Performers Program

Taught student band projects which concluded with performances at David Friend Recital Hall and Cafe 939.


Newton Theatre, Newton NJ (Summer 2014)

Worked as stagehand for Zappa Plays Zappa, Gordon Lightfoot, and The Tubes

General theatre upkeep


Cats n Jammers Music Studios, Merrimac MA (2009-2016)
Taught drum lessons to a variety of age brackets.
Taught drum lessons to adults and children with disabilities (down’s syndrome, autism, ADHD).

Taught student band projects.

Recorded and documented in-studio student performances.
Performed studio maintenance and helped with general upkeep.
Assisted with live production of student performances (Merrimac Old Home Days, 2010-2015)


Street Delivery - Newburyport, MA (2013 - 2014)

Labeled photos of street intersections for company database used with auto insurance companies and accident recreation.





“OUT - Oms" (2015) reviews

“You can feel the energy hurtling into the room as a furious wall of sound funnels its way into your eardrums like a cascading flood of adrenaline. Out provides the audience with a torrent of guitar and percussion that despite its furious pounding is far from an opaque blur rather tapestries of finely woven translucence.”

-Tim Whale,


“RiceCrackers - Five Golden Rings” (2015) reviews

“Pitch and tempo changes feature significantly, giving the track a dramatic presence, almost theatrical- poetry in delivery as the inflections underscore particular ideas. The voice challenges the audience with haunting use of unexpected keys, whilst the percussion slips between pace highlighting the disturbance of the lyrics. Guitar and Bass, whilst adding to the drama and always distinguishable, take the role of framing the voice in supportive roles.” - Tim Whale,