Les Harris Jr.

Tom Palance

November 15, 2013


     I have known Nathaniel Peirce for four years. He has participated in my jazz/recording camp held at Salem State University and a select creativity camp held in Rockport Ma., which accepted only one drummer.

     When I first met Nathaniel I was struck by how bright, mature and motivated he was at such a young age. I have enjoyed watching him grow as a musician and person throughout the years. His energy and passion has been infectious. The other students looked up to him as a role model. He comes from a very supportive and stable family with an encouraging musical father. They have bestowed upon him a fantastic set of values and work ethic which I think has been a major contributor to his success as a young adult. In my thirty years of teaching, Nathaniel ranks among my top drum students, both as a player and personality. He is courteous, respectful and always willing to take on challenges. Last summer was his junior year at the camp and he played with maturity, incredible feel and creativity. Nathaniel will be an asset to any school, which accepts him as a student. It is with my absolute highest recommendation that you accept him in your program.


Thomas M  Palance

Salem State University

Jazz Band Director/Applied Trumpet

Susanne Meyer

October 25, 2013



Susanne Meyer

Performing Arts Department

Amesbury High School

Amesbury, MA  01913





To Whom It May Concern:



I am pleased to recommend Nathaniel Peirce for admission to your university program.  I teach Performing Arts in the Amesbury School District and I have known Nat for almost four years, as he has been a student in several music elective classes.  I have watched Nat develop both academically and personally into a mature and responsible individual. 


Nat is a talented drummer and percussionist and he is an asset to the AHS music program.  Nat rehearses with our school Band every morning at 7:25AM, but has been glad to sit in to add drums to a few Chorus and Select Choir songs during our Winter Holiday and Spring Concerts.  Last Fall, Nat challenged himself to learn Guitar in our Guitar I Class.  He is a hard worker who understands the value of focused practice and he consistently produces quality work.  Nat’s final performance on stage went above and beyond the required amount of work. His solo and duet performance were quite impressive for a beginning guitar player!  


In the Spring of 2013, Nat was also a student in Music Theory I.  This is a difficult and fast-paced course and although Nat was among other very accomplished musicians who had learned a lot of music theory prior to the course, he worked hard to keep up and earn good grades.  Nat shined in our Music Technology class.  This is an area that he has much talent and experience.  His recorded projects were high quality and quite impressive!


Nat has been a pleasure to work with.  He is always friendly, polite and easy-going.  He has a sense of character and integrity and I know he will be a success in whatever he decides to do in life. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.  I may be reached at Amesbury High School by telephone or by e-mail.







Susanne Meyer

Bryan Savoy

Jonathan Peirce

Cynthia Yetman

I am writing in reference to a student, Nat Peirce. Nat completed my Digital Imaging I course at an exceptional level. He completed work in the folloiwing technology areas, acquiring, modifying, and publishing still images with a variety of tools including digital paint, scanned media and digital camera use. He demonstrated the implementation of photographic design composition rules with ease. He demonstrated multimedia publication skills at an exemplary level. He is a well-versed audio engineer and demonstrated his talent in this area in my course. 


Nat recently served as my technology intern during his Big Brother Big Sister course. He problem solved and applied technology skills to keep our Macintosh OS technologies up-to-date and problem free. He also was a teaching assistant to struggling learners in terms of their technology application and usage. 


Nat is mature beyond his years. He is a talented musician and is very intelligent. He is respectful of adults and peers. He is motivated and takes personal ownership in his own learning. 


Nat will excel at any higher-level institution he attends. He will be a role model for others to emulate.


Cynthia A Yetman, M. Ed. AT Graduate Certificate





Dan Fijalkowski

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing on behalf of Nathaniel Peirce.  Nat has been a percussion student in my bands for six years.  He played percussion for three years in middle school and three years in high school as well as drum set for several years in jazz band.  Throughout those years, he has shown great growth as a musician. 


Nat has always been one of the top musicians in the band.  His passion for music is obvious in his performances.  He’s always willing to take on the challenge of new music and expand his repertoire. Every musical challenge he has been faced with, he took with enthusiasm, determination and a high set of standards and expectations. 


Nat has specifically been an outstanding drum set player for our jazz band.  He would listen to professional recordings of the music and, unlike any other student I have had, performed it remarkably well.  His strengths have always been to assess what he hears so that he can recreate or take influences from it.  His talent has shown no limitations.


It has been a pleasure to have Nat as a student and musician for six years.  His love for music is apparent in each of his performances with the school ensembles as well as the multiple bands he has been in outside of school.  He is a great talent and would thrive in any music school of his choosing.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.






Dan Fijalkowski

Amesbury High School and Amesbury Middle School Director


April Rivers