Law Years - Throwing Paint (new music/avant garde)

This EP is the first original release by Law Years.

Released June 27, 2018 

Composed and Performed by Nat Peirce

Produced by Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab - Merrimac, MA 

Tape Speed Manipulation by Michelle Schantz 
Cover Art by Lily Peirce

Law Years - Piano Violin Viola Cello (new music/avant garde)

Morton Feldman's "Piano Violin Viola Cello" (1987) arranged for punk jazz quintet. 

Morton Feldman's "Piano Violin Viola Cello" (1987) arranged for punk jazz quintet. 

Cover Art by Shawn Berkley

released April 13, 2018 
Nathaniel Peirce - All instruments except: 

Guitar - Keegan Farara 
Guitar - Marko Bouley

Gudsforladt - Split with Non-(black metal)

Gudsforladt is anti-fascist black metal from the heart of the empire.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 4.48.45 PM.png
Witch Claw - Summoning of the Heksesvin (black metal)

Hell and dementia. Three overpowered tracks with a nice execution speed. This demo is quite short but it kills, pure wrath and bestiality. The sound is raw and perfect. - darkenedspirit (bandcamp review)

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.26.09 PM.png

Vocals - David 
Guitar - Matt

Guitar - Evan 
Drums - Andy
Bass - James 

Production/Engineering - Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA.

Vocals - David 
Guitar - Jake
Bass - Michelle
Drums - Nat

Production/Engineering - Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA.

Goolagoon - PatrickViolence EP (powerviolence, hardcore)

"Who headbangs in a pineapple under the sea? Massachusetts based powerviolence quartet Goolagoon - that's who. With their unique style of hardcore punk, touched with surf rock elements and a loose Spongebob-inspired theme, the Patrickviolence Demo proves to be a thoroughly entertaining EP, if a tad contrived.

First things first, the production on this album is perfect. Whereas most powerviolence bands opt for a muddy, low-fi production, Goolagoon instead favour a crisp, balanced mix, ensuring every element of their sound cuts through clearly. The bass guitar rumbles beneath the speedy, power-chord driven guitar riffs while the drumming remains punchy and exciting throughout the EP. Vocalist Lily drapes her lyrics over the top of the instrumental foundation like a picnic blanket over a bed of jagged rock. Her vocal style is closer to a shout than the typical frenzied screaming you might expect, and due to this and the surprisingly level mixing, her lyrics are intelligible and effective. The band also experiment with different pacing and tempos on Patrickviolence. In between the chaos, there are slower segments full of stilted, sludgy playing and thick tones."


Review by Ryan F. at Sputnik MusicOctober 4th, 2015

Red Mill - Satan Explains (art rock, folk)

I wrote this record during my junior year of college in Boston (Beantown, for you regionalists out there). In a woolly panic, these songs sputtered out between classes, shows, books, blackholes, and cozy intoxication with friends. 

I spent the past year recording and collaborating with Nathaniel Peirce on this album. I am grateful for our mutually concerning infatuation with the word "records", and all that it entails.

- Keegan Farara 

James Metz - Maple Trees (art rock, folk)

These are some songs written in the past couple of years, it was such an incredible honor to work these arrangements out with friends. 

- James Metz

Goolagoon - Life of Crime (powerviolence, hardcore)

This band is… insane. Call me ignorant and/or oblivious, but I don’t get the name of the band or the sponge theme, like, at all. Appears they’re some sort of Sponge Bob-themed band, or something. Either way, it’s one of the best tapes I’ve received to review and that’s coming from a guy who rarely ventures into the powerviolence/grind side of HC. This thing is fuckin’ nuts. Intense and brutal without being too metal. The recording is perfect: gritty and clear. Eight tracks in barely over four minutes. If you’re a blastbeats person, you seriously don’t want to miss this band. – Steve Adamyk (

Goo Lily.jpg

Vocals - Lily Owens
Guitar - Jake Martin (composition)
Drums - Spencer Redgate
Bass - James Sheridan

Production/Engineering - Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA in February 2015.

Keegan Farara - Voice, Bass Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Rhodes, Vibraphone, Hand Percussion, Songs 

Nathaniel Peirce - Drumset, Hand Percussion, Cymbal, Vibraphone, Speaking 

Cabot Metz - Lap Steel, Synth Pad FX and Shaker on "Sad Bastard" 

Jake Osborn - Rhodes, Organ, Synth, Voice 

Adam Sapiro - Electric Guitar on "Your Book" 

Michelle Schantz - Voice on "Webcam" 

Production/Engineering - Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA, between September 2017 and June 2018 


Mixed by Keegan Farara 

James Metz - Vocals, Guitars, Lap Steel 
Nathaniel Peirce - Drums on tracks 2-5 
Mario Fontes - Bass Guitar on tracks 2-5 
Jake Osborn - Keys on tracks 2 & 5 

Engineered by Nathaniel Peirce at the Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA 
Mixed by Charlie Feig 
Mastered by Nathaniel Peirce 

Cover art/photo by Addy Harris 

Special thanks to Keegan, Drew, and Sloan for listening to me yap about this for the past few months. 

Bass-Big Sherry 

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Nat Peirce at Reel Room Recording Lab 

Guest vocals on "Help Wanted" by Oscar of Fissure

Red Mill - Japanning (art rock/alt rock)

Created in our Allston apartment and the Reel Room's old location. This was such a joy to make. We were fueled by Clif Bars and Tedeschi's $1 coffee into the early hours of the morning. 

Fun fact - the final version of the title track (Japanning) was mixed on an SSL Duality console. This was a rambunctious, fast paced, thrilling two-hour job. We left feeling thoroughly satisfied, which fueled our enthusiasm for Red Mill's full length LP - Satan Explains.


Tree Signs - The Tape (art rock)

A story with subtle, universal themes such as loss, nostalgia, fear of the unknown, alienation, and ... murder? Dumb jokes aside, thank you for listening. The music paints a pretty grim picture, but the fictional events and feelings expressed feel more relatable and relevant to me every day.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 10.37.19

Personnel: Keegan Farara - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Songs, Lyrics 

Nick Hine - Drums

Jake Osborn - Moog, Rhodes 

Nathaniel Peirce - Auxiliary drums on "Chemistry Set" 

Recorded at The Reel Room Recording Lab in Merrimac, MA between January 2016 and February 2017 
Engineered by Nathaniel Peirce 
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Keegan Farara and Nathaniel Peirce 
All songs written by Keegan Farara 

Adam Sapiro, acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals. 
Greg McRae, drum set. 
Mario Fontes, bass guitar. 
Alberto Fontes, electric guitar. 
Jennifer Ter Keurst, backing vocals. 
Juan Sebastian Villota, violin. 
Lukasz Pawlikowski, cello. 

Lyrics and Composition by Adam Sapiro. 
Engineered and Mixed by Charlie Feig. 
Produced by Charlie Feig and Adam Sapiro. 
Mastered by Nathaniel Peirce. 
Album photo by Jennifer Ter Keurst and Adam Sapiro.